Nov 20, 2022

Going Forward

So this week I had some crucial deadlines at work so I turned off all my NFL related notifications and didn't check props. I needed extra hours and no distractions to earn the paycheck this week. It was refreshing and made me realize I'm way more glued to my phone than I ever wanted to be. I did decide to look at some lines yesterday during toilet time just to see if any stood out and that's why I'm on Rhamondre, Ekeler and Chubb. Going forward not sure what will happen. I... more

Nov 19, 2022

Old Reliable

Nick Chubb o73.5 rush yds -115 1U BarstoolAustin Ekeler o5.5 catches -106 1U Ceaser's

Nov 19, 2022

Rhamondre Stevenson 78.5 scrimmage yds -114 2U FD

This feels way off regardless if Damien Harris is back


Nov 13, 2022

Tony Pollard o79.5 rush yds -110 FD 1U

Chalk RBs having a terrible day but vs the Packers I gotta play this

Nov 12, 2022

Dalvin Cook o68.5 rush yds -115 1U Ceaser's

The matchup vs Buffalo is keeping this line down but I can't imagine Josh Allen is anywhere close to his normal selft and Cook should still get 17+ carries

Nov 12, 2022

Dalton Schultz o33.5 rec yds -114 1U FD

Feels about a full catch worth of yards too low. Schultz is back healthy and has hit in last 2 with Dak back. Devondre Campbell out should only benefit Schultz more.

Season Long Bets
Elijah Mitchell o64.5 rush yds -115 DK 1U
Cooper Kupp u128.5 rec yds -115 DK 1U
Josh Jacobs o53.5 rush yds -115 1U DK