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If you made it to this page, chances are you found me on Instagram or heard my Podcast, PT Snacks Podcast with Dr. Kasey Hogan, somewhere and following this link. I hope you've found some value in the content I've been creating, or at the very least had at least one takeaway from what you came across.

The purpose of this page is for those who would like to support this show monetarily a means to do so. It allows me to cover the overhead of my hosting platform, time to research evidence-based content, and support for the production of this show. It helps me to be able to continue to provide free content for those who believe, as I do, that we should strive for excellence in all we do, but not neglect the things in life that make our life worth living. Time only allows for so much.

This show supports the Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist student who is striving for growth, but has only so many time and resources to do so.

If you believe in what I'm working to accomplish, please support as able. But if that isn't feasible, you can still support me by telling friends you think who would benefit from this, or writing a review of the show. Thank you, dear friend.