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I have seen thousands of patients over the years as a natural health consultant and my aim now I've stopped clinic work - for now at least! - is to pass on the really good, hopefully life-changing stuff I've learned to you. 

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love your newsletters and fantastic information you provide Miki, have a strong one on me!

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I appreciate the NI article. please enjoy a cuppa for your diligence and a sunshine break also. thank you.

Thank you! Yes all that neuroinflamation stuff is fascinating isn't it?! I shall warm up with that coffee now as just been sitting outside for ages talking to a neighbour, brr...❄️ 

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I live in FL and wish I could pop over to see you n England. Take care of yourself and enjoy a cuppa on me.

Oh, thank you Suzanne, that is very kind. I think I'd rather come to Florida 😉 Meantime, I'll enjoy my cuppa instead! 

Tricia Morrison
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Ooh, thank you Tricia, not sure what I did to deserve that, but I'm glad I did it x