A passionate group who want to help the people of the Suwung rubbish tip

"Helping Hands across the Sands" and "Helping orphans meet expenses" are people passionate about helping those less fortunate than ourselves in Bali. Buy me a coffee is a new initiative to raise funds for those most in need in the Suwung rubbish tip.

We want to show you all donations big or small can make a difference.

The money will be used to feed the people in the Suwung rubbish tip, as well as look to provide more sustainable ways for the community to live. We would love to see a community garden and pig farm established for the families who call the rubbish tip their home.

There is no more government funding. These people need our help. Please consider buying me a coffee as a donation to the people

Sarah bought 5 coffees.
Melanie Double bought a coffee.
Cheree Harris bought 3 coffees.
Matt Carey bought 3 coffees.

well done guys

Jacob bought 3 coffees.