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28 September

1 comment

Blog: Some old VHS titles make it into the collection

Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to come across a few movie titles on LaserDisc that I once had recorded onto VHS tape, back in First Choice SuperChannel days. These were movies that I... more

25 November

A test post for Alessia

This is a test post for Alessia, regarding a question about embedding videos in a post.Rather than "uploading" a video, like uploading photos, you have to embed them. That means, they have... more

18 November

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Blog: I didn’t realize snap case DVDs were "a thing"

We have a fair size collection of DVDs, but until just recently, I had no idea of the hoop-la that surrounded those DVDs sold in the cardboard “snap case” packaging. These are the DVD... more

16 November

Blog: Added a bit of Arnold to the vault

I don’t have many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies on LaserDisc; most of the movies I had from his library were on VHS. But there were a few Arnold movies that I really wanted to have on LaserDisc,... more

28 October

Blog: Two 1972 movie classics added to the vault

I was able to score a couple more Laserdiscs from eBay. They’re two classics from 1972, “The Cowboys” and “Jeremiah Johnson”. I haven’t seen either of these movies... more

27 October


CAD 33 of CAD 80 goal reached!

Goal to pay hosting fees, expand site features and purchase/review C64 games from independent developers.