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All donations to the PySimpleGUI project are greatly appreciated and goes directly to supporting and extending this package.
Jim Stefancic
Jim Stefancic bought 5 coffees.

Best tool I've used in Python.

Robert Lachance
Robert Lachance bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 10 coffees.
Olafur V. Gudbjargarson
Olafur V. Gudbjargarson bought 5 coffees.

Just trying PySimpleGUI out, find it much easier than KIVY (which I haven't grasphed yet). I will have fun tinkering with this.

Peter Bowers
Peter Bowers bought 7 coffees.

Thanks for the recent support, I am more impressed with PySimpleGui each time I use it!

Thrilled you're using it multiple times & feel like you're getting good support! Jason does an amazing job of helping users. What an amazing person to get help from. PySimpleGUI is so very fortunate to have his help and brilliant ideas.