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Helping others is my vocation from The Almighty Lord above. Writing my God Moments and sharing them is my testimonials.

I love to write about the unexplainable events that happened in my life and what I have witnessed in other lives. These moments can only be explained as being a God Moment.

One day I hope to be able to publish my writing in a book that will be titled "My God Moments". Now, that itself will be a Blessing, A God Moment. It will be very appreciated to be Blessed with your donation to help with my goal of publishing my God Moments.

Send me a God Moment of your own. I always love to read about what God has done in ones life, that can only be done by Him alone. Something so unexplainable, to the naked eye, or the unbelievers. That the unbelievers will become BELIEVERS... THANK YOU LORD FOR THE BLESSING AND WORDS.

PLEASE, God Bless You!!