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Allan Ritchie is a Microsoft MVP, Former Xamarin MVP, & Microsoft Solution Architect for over 15 years. He has written a ton of OSS, Blogs, and has recently started on Twitch

Shiny is a cross platform library for Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, & UWP. It is a framework that helps you work with all the "essentials" as well as all things background. We support all of the hardware stuff like BluetoothLE, iBeacons, Geofencing, GPS, Sensors, 

We have a bright future ahead with support planned for WebAssembly, Uno, & Meadow IoT. By supporting this project, you are helping contribute to its maintained presences in the .NET ecosystem.  

Thanks for your support!

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@matthewrdev bought 10 coffees.

Thanks for all your hard work on Acr.UserDialogs over the years Allan, it's been a cornerstone of many of my clients Xamarin.Forms apps. ❤️

Patrick Decoster
Patrick Decoster bought a coffee.

Hey, I've been happily using Acr.UserDialogs and Plugin.BluetoothLE before switching over to Shiny. I am using it in an Uno platform app and I'm hitting a roadblock. I've contributed to OSS before and my company is looking into being able to support OSS projects like yours on a regular basis, but for now, have a coffee on me :)

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Hey, great job with BluetoothLE, the promise is debt, I am parrafo28 from Github, I am inviting you a coffee, it doesn't matter than you didn't answer with the sample, its a great job what you have done until now, but if you post the sample I will be happier jejeje, 

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Thank you for Shiny! :)

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Thanks for the xamarin BT plungin! Hope the new one will be even better!