A am a horror writer; I write and narrate horror stories, often with illustrations.

My name is Penny! 

I write, narrate and illustrate horror stories. You may have seen me around Youtube or Reddit.

I am a college student with a hobby that can be expensive (and is also unpaid). I love to read, write and draw and am constantly looking for new ways to improve my skills and make time. I appreciate the support I've received along the way, and want to continue creating! Thank you so much for your consideration.

Creepy McCreeps bought 5 coffees.

You should lay off the pork rinds, girl.

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Vision will blind. Severance ties. Median am I. True are all lies.

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Ka is a wheel, and we are its spokes.

Thank you soooo much, you are too kind!

Thank you soooo much, you are too kind!