Autism and hygiene

So, my son loves to be clean

He hates doing any type of personal hygiene.

Brushing teeth

Washing face

Combing hair

Getting dressed

Wiping his butt

All are a big ass issue with son

Mainly because personal hygiene takes time

Son has zero patience for just about anything

Brushing teeth

He'll attempt to brush but just chews relentlessly on the toothbrush.

He has 5 I buy them in bulk


Washing face

He absolutely refuses to do this so I turned it into a game, we play barbershop and I wash his face thoroughly a few times a week

Combing hair

He has no clue how to comb/brush his hair

He hits himself in the head with his brush

I'm on hair grooming duty everyday

Getting dressed

Son tries to dress himself

But usually gets shirts, underwear on backwards

Somedays he just doesn't want to wear clothes

So he'll refuse and procrastinate till last minute or I say fuck it and cancell something.

Wiping butt

Son tries to do this but usually ends up with poo

Everywhere, toilet seat, walls, floors, himself etc..

The only thing he loves to do is wash up in the bathtub

But he refuses to sit down

He stands and rocks back n forth

I bought a special non slip bath mat

To keep him from slipping

It's the most stressful and scary thing to watch him rock in the tub.

It's all stressful and draining

I just want to hose him down a couple times a week to be done