Autism and imagination

In the early yrs, son had no imagination.

He literally didn't know how to play.

I set out on a mission to give my son the ultimate imagination.

I literally sat with this dude for hours and hours, day after day

Making up shit.

I made up a bunch of imaginary friends and places.

I would walk son around our house, room to room

Each room was an imaginary place.

Each place had imaginary people

Each person had a personality.

We did this for yrs

I also came up with imaginary games, stuff like building forts in the living room

Having tea time/dinner parties with imaginary guests 

Once he started to kinda understand what we were doing

He started adding his own little twist on things

From there we started playing with legos and building blocks

Building towers, houses, shit anything

Then we started reading picture books, so he could see the characters and backdrop of whatever was being read.

From there we started taking walks around the neighborhood

I would show him different places, stores, restaurants, streets, etc

This way, we could incorporate real life things into the imaginary world

It took alot of effort on my part

But now at 10yrs old son has a very vivid imagination.

And imagination is essential to the learning process

It helps to develop thoughts and ideas

It helps to process and retain information

It helps with memory


Imagination is very important in my opinion, everyone should have a good imagination because real life really ain't real.