Autism and race

Race and Autism

As a biracial Man raising my biracial autistic son.

I find it disheartening how race is never brought up in autism discussions.

It's as if race is just wiped away clean from the autism world.

My son has absolutely no clue about different races, ethnicity, etc.

Everytime I ask other parents how to explain race to my son, it's always

Well if he doesn't understand just leave it alone.

I can't just leave it alone because he's a kid of color and the world will treat him that way no matter what, autistic or not.

It's not fair to kids like my son who don't neatly fit in any race box.

Race relations should be a current topic in autism discussions, our kids deserve to understand that autism isn't the only thing that makes them different.

I know this can be a touchy subject but it is a subject that needs to be touched on and explained to prevent further exclusion and disappointment