Autism and potty training

My son is 10, he finally got potty trained at 8.

The first thing I'll tell you Not to do is buy an expensive potty chair

Your kid will probably outgrow the chair before they learn to use it

I made that mistake and bought the singing elmo real flush potty chair

And son outgrew it before he learned.

So fuck you Elmo and your bullshit potty

Secondly is

Traditional methods probably won't work

Like the Cheerios in the toilet

My son kept trying to grab the Cheerios out of the toilet

Putting him on the potty in front if the television didn't work

My son doesn't watch television

Rewards didn't work because my son would want a reward everytime he went in his diaper/pullup

You can buy all the books, potty chairs, read all the expert advice

Buy all the unnecessary crap they peddle

But the only thing that worked for my son was constantly putting him on the toilet every single day, multiple times a day for years and years

One day a light just went off in his head and he decided to use the toilet

It's really that simple

Don't make it seem like it's something they have to do

Really don't explain shit

Just put them on the toilet and sit with them

Talk about regular stuff

Distract them from being on the toilet

Make them sit there for at least 10mins at a time

This way gradually they'll get used to being on the toilet

It's really that simple

It's a patience thing

It's gonna take time

The more you make it a big deal

The more stressed the kid is gonna get

Nonchalant is the way to be

Like it's no big deal

Just sit on the toilet while I read you this book

Or something like that

They'll eventually get it 

Trust me, I thought my son was gonna be in pull ups forever.

Now wiping his own butt

Is a whole nother blog and I don't have time for that shit