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On March 14, 2020 - the day after all CEGEPS, malls and Universities closed, we three sisters started walking. One day at a time, slowly increasing our steps . Along the way, we've met some amazing people and got the opportunity to share in storytelling and mutual hobbies - all at a distance, of course

We want to celebrate all the missed, important moments, joyous occasions and holidays. To celebrate all the small businesses, and importantly all the amazing front line workers who made this year possible!

If we can, the ultimate goal is to choose charities that we can make small donations to using the funds given here. With the purpose of raising spirits, amounting joy and looking forward to great things!


Day 1: March 14, 2020
Day 100: June 21, 2020
Day 200: September 29, 2020
Day 300: January 7, 2021
Day 360: March 8, 2021

.... upcoming
Day 365: March 13, 2021
Day 366: ONE YEAR March 14th