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My name is Quill C. Elska and I’m a published empathic author 📖 who suffers from chronic anxiety. Currently, I have seven published novels through Amazon, three short novels, an average length novel, and a trilogy. I also have several more on the way, the writing never stops for me! I mostly dabble in erotic fiction, sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and romance genres. All of my novels are LGBT+ friendly and my signature is writing ✍️ mostly polyamorous relationships. I’m often nervous about sharing my stories because of the way people tend to view erotic novels. The truth is, I don’t write stories about lovemaking and romance. I write stories with substance involving realistic elements of sexual and romantic relationships. The main plot is always completely separate from the erotic aspects in my books. Aside from writing fiction novels, I also write poetry and am fairly new at it, but people seem to enjoy my poems, I hope you do as well.  Other arts of mine include vast amounts of photography 📸 and acrylic painting 🎨. I sell paintings on my website!

Quill C. Elska

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