When you're in my thoughts,

I never feel frightened,

When you're absent,

My fear is heightened.

When you're both smiling at me,

I never have any doubts,

When you're upset in my thoughts,

I wanna scream and shout.

The thought of losing something,

So deeply precious and dear,

Hurts like the worse kind of pain,

I wouldn't wanna be here.

The thought of being absent,

From my heart and my life,

Seems so impossible to picture,

It'd be a life of strife.

Never will I worry,

Never will I fear,

Never will I question,

Never will I shed a tear.

You're in my mind,

You're in my heart,

You're in my life,

Understanding this is hard.

You've saved me from sadness,

You've protected me from harm

You've had me all along,

Right in your loving arms.