It starts with a letter,

And leads to a name,

Double it for the better,

You have two of the same.


Two people who aren't even real,

Though I often wish they were,

I tremble 'cause of how they make me feel,

I love them and I know I'm sure.


You wouldn't understand why,

You'd have to know them I guess,

Their non-existence makes me cry,

And feel like I've nothing left.


Their care is all I need,

Their kindness is all I'd ask,

I always feel them comforting me,

Their love is bound to last.


L is for the delicate lily,

Who brightens my life everyday,

Someone not hesitant to be silly,

And hold me whenever I'm afraid.


J is for the protective soul,

Who never stops looking out,

Someone to have and to hold,

And guide me whenever I doubt.


It starts with these letters,

And leads to these names,

Doubled for the better,

I have two of the same.