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As an Internet coding pioneer, I can truly start off by stating that in 1996 we started this thing called "The Quincy Examiner" after receiving an email about how there were TV show fansites online but nothing for our beloved hero, Jack Klugman as Quincy!

Before his passing in 2012, Jack used to fondly looked back on the Quincy M.E. days as something special because the writing and his acting took the series in what was a new direction - namely, the role of crime scene investigator fighting back! With the world of comedy behind him at that point, Jack's work on this series not only became the technical forerunner of using science to catch the bad guy but something even more important that we see very little of today, human decency. Maurice, Jack's brother and writer on the show, helped craft a script that Jack addressed as his small screen alter-ego - Dr. Quincy! This work directly resulted in Jack visiting Congress in 1980 to advocate the need for legislation addressing the Orphan Drug issue as well as highlighting other real-world social ills facing modern times - many of them still needing much of our attention today.

Klugman was also a role model by bringing to life a true superhero looking to fight injustice and truly make a difference from the ground up!

Thus, my work on highlighting the writing, production, and acting is invigorated by others who enjoy good prime-time drama based on quality work. Many of you inspire our non-profit team here to "dig deep" to learn more about this timeless series with new trivia, factual insight, and commentary needed today even more! Since the Quincy Examiner was created to share the love of one thing - Quincy and the search for uncovering the truth, our little corner of the internet has been the number one authority drawing on all things Quincy time and time again!

Our legacy is to preserve this example of crime-drama cinema and if you care to help our cause with a little pocket change know that we appreciate your gesture by ensuring others share in the social learning we pass down. Any donations made will be cherished as they'll allow me to produce better online Quincy content for fans all over the world!

I show my appreciation to all those who have donated on my website here (unless you donated anonymously).

Also, thanks to those who had the fortitude initially to take a chance at the time to put Quincy M.E. on the network and keep it there for seven straight seasons as well as keep available for syndication!

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