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Hello and welcome, thank you so much for supporting and checking out my page.

I do restoration videos for youtube, any object really something that I find interesting and worth saving.

My original trade is Panel Beater but I’ve worked as a spray painter in a shoe factory, I also worked as a first class welder in a foundry and a top metal finisher in a car factory back in Adelaide. I was born in Europe and when we left I was working in the fashion industry designing and making fashion clothes for the boutique industry. I also do photography since a very young age sometimes I submitting photographs to stock agencies, like Shutterstock, Adobe, Dreamstime, etc to wrap this story up I just consider myself as a handy man. There is a saying in English: Jack of all trades?

a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” 

I love to watch funny videos and I also try to be funny myself, if you watch my videos on youtube you may see why. Not sure if everything is funny what I do but I’ll try my best.

Please stay tuned, and

Thank you!!!!!