Most of being human is to love.  Without love, we are just physical beings roaming mindlessly through life with no true meaning.  We eat, we sleep, we work, we die.  But love gives us a reason to really live.  

But love is hard.  Maybe not at first.  Falling in love is not hard.  Chemicals in our brains make us blind to all the irritating things about our partners that will later make us want to bang our head against a wall. All the things that concern us later in a relationship don’t matter so much in the beginning because we are so head over heels that we let those little warning signs slide.

Staying in love.  That’s the challenge.  As humans, love is the reason for living, but it is something that constantly changes, evolves.  We are constantly learning how to love other people.  And we all have different ways of loving and being loved.  What is right for one person is not right for another.  When we start a new relationship we have to throw everything we learned about love in previous relationships out the window because love with one person does not mean the same thing with someone else. 

And love with the same person also changes over time.  The way you love someone in the beginning of a relationship changes over time as the individuals involved grow and mature.  Love is evolution.  And just when you think you’ve got it down, just when you think you’ve mastered it, it changes again.  Love is learning.  

Love is hard.  But when you wake up everyday to someone you love, when you come home every night to someone you love, when you choose to love that person through the good and the bad, through the evolution of themselves and yourself, that is what makes life worth living.  Love is hard and ever changing but love is worth it.