 We are looking for sponsorship for a multi - country cycling adventure by 3 Indians where we pass through approx 1018 villages and 484 towns and cities peddling out for an approximate 14,000 Kms over a period of 7-odd months covering 7 countries supporting promotion and creating awareness for sustainable development and promotion of environmental protection.                                      PROJECT INBULAVICATH  IN – India  BU – Burma           Bangladesh LA – Laos  VI – Vietnam  CA – Cambodia  TH - Thailand   The total estimated budget for the expedition comes to US$ 10,500 (INR 7,45,000).   For a detailed report on the expedition, below is a link to the presentation containing all aspects of the project in detail.  drive.google.com/open?id=10_vsb5FRxGVIKzt57hf9SyzHhpVvEMSW   We would be extremely grateful to obtain any sort of support from your side. For any further details or queries, kindly write to me at mailto:[email protected]. You can support my funding using PayPal through the above mentioned email address.   Thankyou for your attention!