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#GODKNOWS I’ve BOUGHT many A Coff.EEs and YOU joining ME =TEAM I Thank GOD 4 all of YOU & look 4ward 2 SEAing more of US on Peri & MOR ;) #ONE

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee ;)  Born in 1977 to Dawn IAM her 1 and ONLY ;) I have 5 PLUS and now a PROUD Gma. If I ruled the WORLD, I’d FREE ALL MY SONS (and DAUGHTERS 2) ... then WE will walk right into THE SON hand in HAND! WE all have a “STORY” and it makes HIStory ;) RachAel MCALISTER RICHARDSON “did I do THAT” (no,GOD did but I got 2 ASSIST & NOW YOU can too) Summer of 69 #ONE