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I produce feel-good videos of the world around us, podcast interviews of real people dealing with the crisis and films highlighting underrepresented communities and cultures at risk. In order to keep doing this work, we need a van to travel safely during Covid-19.

I do this free and with whatever resources I can muster. I work part-time to support this, so how about buying me a coffee or contributing to the cost of a van.  We already have some donors willing to match anything given here.

Creatives working together for a future

On March 9, with the lockdown in Italy and travel bans around the world, everything was cancelled and all activities stopped.

It soon became clear that government economic support would be limited to employed, artisan, small business and company activities; we quickly realised that cultural, artistic, humanitarian and freelance protagonists, for the project nature of our work, were not even being considered.  An entire sector was left to fend for itself with most of us scrambling to pay rent and buy food. We had no time to focus on what was lost but had to find solutions that could adapt to the new normal, immediately. 

We connected with our global network for support and an exchange of transformational ideas, including online courses, long-distance production collaborations, and spontaneous (zoom based) events.  In less than 2 weeks and before many countries had locked down, we realised that our protagonists were already adapting to new ways of being creative while still empowering underrepresented voices. Moreover, this exchange between humanitarian, cultural and artistic activists was helping each of us find the inspiration that the Pandemic and social distancing had taken from us.

This is a chance for you to join or support this effort. New Content Weekly to keep you going.

Every week, Mark Abouzeid reaches out to freelancers, artisans, creatives, culture protagonists and everyday people on how they survived lockdown and what the 'new normal' means to them, personally and professionally. In an intimate conversation between friends, Abouzeid asks them about the future, what changes they will make to adapt and how they intend to rebuild.

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TRAVEL FROM HOME short films

For over 25 years, Mark Abouzeid has been travelling the planet to bring you his unique insight into the cultures and beauty he discovers, daily. Enjoy these virtual trips from the comfort and safety of your home and see the world as you never have before.


We all need stories that reflect our own experience as well as the experiences of others. Adding voices to the ongoing debate in diversity, development, politics or climate change.