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Hello everyone, not mini monster invents here but a donation page to help fund his projects

MiniMonster is an anonymous inventor, he creates and prototypes then posts his inventions, designs and other stuff on his social media. 

He has a lot of projects he's working on however he wants to take most of his prototypes to the next level, for that he needs funding on various projects. 

Your probably wondering who I am, I am his biggest supporter and friend of his, MiniMonster and I worked on a project way back before he came up with that name and in working with him I knew he had a big future ahead of him. MiniMonster is a made up name, kinda like how an artist protects his name, he wants to avoid fame personally, he however makes inspiring inventions and has a big goal for the future he wants to build to help people. He recently asked me to join his team, not to spoil who he is but to help him achieve his goals, he asked for a donation page to be setup so that he can produce more prototypes and get more projects done. 

Check out his invention and amateur engineering page 

Instagram @realminimonster