I'm now available on Facebook via my Rebbie Reviews Facebook Page, Twitter on my handle @Rebbie_Reviews and Instagram as rebbiereviews! 

I'm hoping to be more social so I've organised myself to ensure that you get updates and teasers 3 days a week, other than that it's ad hoc checks so do get in touch! It's obviously about getting news out about the reviews but it's so much more than that too! I want to connect with my readers, authors, publishers and other bloggers! I'm always up for a chat and a bit of banter so don't be shy!

I'm also now posting my month's content goals as well as a list of what you can expect each week plus reminders through the week so you shouldn't miss a notification! I know it's all very fast moving but this should make it easier for you to know what to expect. 

I'll be doing Blog Tours again now that some personal stuff has let up, allowing me a bit more time to create interesting stuff to put on the blog. I've also been looking to do more Interviews and some Blogger and Publisher spotlights are on their way.

Today's review is The Secret Name by Eve Harms and you should watch the blog next month for her follow up book Hellcrafter which will be on the blog on Release Day (12th February)

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