Jan 20, 2022

Salt Water

I was young when I discovered my love for the ocean. It changed everything. The cool touch of water against my skin, the salty-smelling air filling my lungs with each deep breath, and the soothing sound of waves crashing onto shore lulled me into a sense of calm that I had never experienced before.I would spend hours at the beach just gazing out into the horizon while letting myself become one with nature around me. One day while walking on wet sand near an incoming wave, I realised how it felt... more

Jan 06, 2022

Goodbye, forever ?

I lower my body to the ground, bending forwards and shutting my eyes. I feel the wave pull me under again but this time I'm not afraid. This time it's like I can see through water, like a dream. My past plays before me in vivid colors that are so bright they seem tangible. It feels good to watch them play out over and over again until finally the wave pulls me away forever-

Jan 02, 2022

Metaporically speaking . .

The waves crashed against me, pushing and pulling my heavy body with a gentle rhythm. I was so tired of the fight to stay afloat each time I felt myself going down. Caught in the currents, my energy depleted as if it were quickly leaching out of me like sand through an hourglass. It seemed like this never-ending battle would consume me entirely, but then suddenly something shifted inside of me and what relief that brought! The realization that I didn't need to focus on fighting anymore... more

Dec 31, 2021

War torn

Bodies littered the ground, dead soldiers and their enemies lay in tangled heaps. It was dark out, with only the moon to light his way. He walked among them looking for her. She had left him when it became too much, she wasn't there when he woke up screaming again that night. The war would never end but still he continued to fight against it's tyranny...

Dec 30, 2021

Scarlet blood

I curled my fingers around the handle of the knife, its sharp blade pressed into my skin. The pain was a welcomed distraction from all that haunted me in life. I let out a choked laugh and lifted it to examine it for what felt like hours before finally dragging it across my flesh. Scarlet blood pooled onto the floor while I smiled to myself at how much better this made me feel already.

Dec 29, 2021

Bobby Jr.

Aria was twenty-five when her son was born, and she had been happy to discover that she loved motherhood. She spent every day with her baby boy, playing games and talking about the world around them. It was a small joy in an otherwise dark time for Aria. Her husband died of cancer just before the baby arrived, leaving her all alone.All of that changed one night while taking care of little Bobby Jr., who always slept soundly at 9pm on weekdays despite being only four months old. His eyes were... more

Flesh & Bone . .
Worst Case Scenario
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