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A passionate trauma and identity life & business coach and virtual assistant who loves helping others through life's difficulties and coaching development independence in business.

My passion is to help those who need true change. I have found this to be demanding on my time, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as I am working with those who have suffered deep trauma, have mental and emotional challenges, and those who are neuro-diverse. I also work with the local community in ministry. From time to time I raise support for our brothers and sisters overseas who are challenged with persecution by their governments.

I love God and mentoring in Biblical discipleship as well as leading people to healing and wholeness is a joy for me especially when I see people's lives change. 

Many people can't afford the care they need so I try to be there for the neglected or poorly cared for in society. Bringing them from poverty to thriving in society. I can't do this alone. I am now a full time life coach/missionary through my ministry Scripture Prescriptions. I am seeking for partnership from the church to continue this work through sponsorships. 

If I've affected you in a positive way or you want to help me continue to care for those who cannot afford therapy/mentorship/life-coaching, this is a way you can give a love offering. If you want to partner with me by monthly subscription for my Identity Recovery Program, you can email me at [email protected] with the subject "Identity Recovery Sponsorship Request". It is such a blessing to be a sponsor and make a REAL difference!

Partnership funding and donations will go towards my ability to continue life coaching while maintaining a standard of living that gives me the time to do it, tools needed in the advancement of this ministry, and time to expand areas of this ministry to media resources. 

The amount is up to you for a love offering!

Sponsorships are $200 a month for 2-4 30 minute resolution driven sessions per month for a sponsee.

You can click the paper clips to donate more than this allows and connect with my website which I'm currently working on!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for considering to support this ministry work and assist in me keeping all this going!