Hello. How are you? Before I start, a big disclaimer. THIS IS ONLY FOR GEMINI SUN SIGNS! Even if you have a stellium or ascendant or moon in Gemini, if you don't have the Sun in Gemini, this is not for you. Now, if you have Gemini Sun or are Gemini, then your sense of self is forever shifting, but in essence you are curious and cunning. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the Mercury, but both represent different sides of Mercury. Mercury for Gemini is more fun, playful, when for Virgo is more mature and is about getting things done. In Gemini is about learning to do something, while in Virgo is about doing those things. Gemini love to be interesting and have lighthearted but intelligent conversations. They are identify themselves by their thoughts and opinions, which are ever-changing. When it comes to Gemini Suns, we have only three types: those who have Mercury in Taurus, those with Mercury in Gemini, and those with Mercury in Cancer.

Mercury in Taurus: You hold on to your hobbies for longer than the average Gemini. You are probably curious about food, economy or finances, but even if you aren't, you know how to capitalize on your hobbies. Your Mercury (the ruler of your Sun) is in a fixed sign, which is notably known to be stubborn. Your sense of self is more stable, and you are unlikely to change overnight.

Mercury in Gemini: You love your hobbies. You love to communicate. You are a typical Gemini. Here Mercury is in its dominant sign. Your sense of self changes a lot, and you strive to be interesting and creative.

Mercury in Cancer: Your thoughts are influenced by your moods. Generally you are moody and sensitive. You might love old books, movies, songs, or you might be patriotic. In order for you to have a strong sense of self, you must be able to correctly and shortly communicate your feelings, either to others or diary. I highly suggest you do something creative where you express how you feel. Try not to make it interesting, make it real.

~ by Red Rose-Crown

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