Virgos Suns are usually the ones to say that they are not like their sign. And big disclaimer: This is only for those whose Sun is in Virgo. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, and Virgo is the mature side of Mercury. While for Geminis, Mercury is about learning new things, for Virgos is about doing them and perfecting the craft. Virgo is also known as the wisest signs, but you need to know which house cusps is in Virgo. There are three types of Virgo based on the Mercury signs. Virgos, in order to feel self-confident, need to work, whatever job/chore/charity it may be, unless Capricorn, who need to work only things that you give them a career or recognition. Generally you love animals, though I have met some odd Virgos who don't. Others stuff are stronger in your chart than your Sun, usually. Now, let's talk about the types.

P.S. I almost forgot to add that Virgos love helping others and that writing is usually associated with this sign.

Mercury in Leo: You take a great pride in the work you do. You know what you want and who you are and how things should be. You may have a few creative veins, and are not afraid of showing them off. You are prideful, friendly, and creative.

Mercury in Virgo: You are a typical Virgo. You may attention to details and love them. You love helping others. You love working. There's a high chance you love small animals. A famous example would be none other than Mother Theresa. She was a Virgo with Mercury in Virgo.

Mercury in Libra: You see things from every perspective, and at a certain degree you may have a difficult time deciding. You think so much. And you are highly perceptive of others. This type of Virgos is at certain degree influenced by others in a sense.For example, you may need the very wrong opinion of another, to know what you really think about something. Whatever you do, you do a thorough job and you may overthink things. The famous cases would be Agatha Christie and Jenna Marbles. Both are Virgos with Mercury in Libra. And, Jenna if you read this, you are amazing.

~ By Red Rose-Crown