I bought a new sketchbook for do daily practice in traditional way. I really love it! It is huge not only in size but the amount of pages! I cannot wait for begin to use it (even when use a new sketchbook gives the feeling that you want to keep it new for not damage it! xD )

5-5-2021 Teru and Masashi Sketch

I wanted begin the new sketchbook doing a manga version of Teru and Masashi, my favorite guitarist and bassist from Versailles. I tried to do a different version of the manga style i always use for draw them ^^

05-06-2021 Sesshomaru Sketch

I did a quick poll on my Facebook for decide between Kain from Legacy of Kain and Sesshoumaru, and the winners was the last one.  It´s the first time i tried to draw him and i would like to add him to my list of fanarts i want to do ^^

05-07-2020 Yuna Sketch

I wanted to practice some female character, so i asked in my Facebook which one would they like: Yuna from Final Fantasy X or Saori from Saint Seiya. Yuna won! She is a very sweet character but with a strong personality. I really love her story so it was nice to work with her on this sketch ^^

05-08-2021 Levi Ackerman Sketch

For the sketch of today, the two options were Kenny Ackerman or Levi. Levi got more votes so i did him in his thug days. I like a lot how he looks in that outfits ^^

05-09-2021 Sephiroth Sketch

For today, the two options were Alucard and Sephiroth. It was a very hard fight between them but finally, the winner was Sephiroth ^^ Sephiroth is one of those bad guys that you don´t know if to love him or hate it. I like a lot his story and his developing. ♥

05-10-2021 Vegeta Sketch

I always loved how much irreverent and proud Vegeta was. One dangerous and aggressive midget! xD I did the sketch by memory. I realized that i´ve forgotten a lot his design, even when i used to draw him a lot some years ago with the fancomic i was doing about Dragon Ball GT. I need to practice again!

05-11-2021 Vincent Valentine Sketch

The character with the most votes today was Vincent. The other character was Cloud. I would like to do a portrait of Vincent. I love the gaze and hair of him. That makes it more mysterious.

05-12-2021 Raziel in Wraith Form Sketch

The character selected for the sketch of today was Raziel, from the videogame Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver, in his Wraith form. I loved this character since I saw him in Soul Reaver and the story is far beyond amazing! This will be my favorite videogame for ever! ♥

05-13-2021  Mazinger Z Sketch

For today, i wanted to practice mecha characters so i asked if they wanted i sketch UFO Dai Apolon or Mazinger Z.  The last one won with almost all the votes!  Long time since i drew him!  I love the mecha stories and Mazinger is my favorite!

05-14-2021 Megaman Sketch 

For today, the winner for the sketch was Megaman. The other option was AstroBoy. I wanted to practice some mecha children. I have not played Megaman, but he looks so cute and powerful. I would like to try to do a semi realist version of him ^^

05-15-2021 Nemesis Sketch

For the sketch of today i wanted to practice videogame monsters, so the options were Eve from Parasite Eve and Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. This guy was a nightmare for me when i played the game! xD

05-16-2021 Ghosbusters vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Today there was a draw between both options!  So i did an scene were they could be together:  Ghostbusters were to hunt ghost at the sewers and they found turtles!

05-17-2021 Dragon Shiryu Sketch

The sketch of the Dragon is ready! For a long time I had not practiced Masami Kurumada's style. I really liked his way of drawing the eyes and hair of the characters and the effects that he achieved in the manga. I will definitely add Shiryu to my list of characters that I want to do in fanarts. I'd like to make a semi-realistic version of him ^^

05-18-2021 He-Man Sketch

The sketch of He-Man done! I tried not to make a copy-paste of his original design but try to make it at my own style keeping as much as possible the elements of the original design (I really love it!). He-Man was one of my favorite series. I loved in every chapter always there was a hidden lesson. At that time, i was already learning to draw and making my first attemps of fancomics and i thought i wanted to make a story at that style, with action but not unnecessary violence and with something to learn. And of course! for get the mood, i listened the serie opening soundtrack!

05-19-2021 Kamijo Sketch 

For today the challenge was turn one artist in manga version. The winner was Kamijo. I have some kind of love-hate relationship with his boots! I love their design but i hate do draw so much strings! xD It's always nice to draw this handsome vampire! ^^

05-20-21 Howl and Sophie Sketch

Today, i wanted to practice couples so rhe one with more votes was Howl and Sophie.  That is a theme i don´t work usually 

05-21-2021 Chibi Spiderman Sketch

Today, the challenge was turn a comic character in chibi.  The options were Superman and Spiderman.  The one with more votes was Spiderman so the little one is taking a rest after fighting criminals the entire day!

05-22-2021 Ace in the Gym Sketch

For today, the sketch was about a character working out in the gym. The winner was Ace from One Piece. It´s the first time i try to draw him, so it was a good challenge ^^

05-23-2021 Reno and Cloud expressions study

For today, the sketch was a study of the expresions of one character, but in the votes process there was a draw so I ended doing the study for both characters÷

05-24-2021 Vivi Sketch

The character that won today for the sketch was Vivi, from Final Fantasy IX. This little one is so cute! I was very surprised how he could cast so powerful spells even when he looked so fragil ♥

05-25-2021 Kung Lao and Sub Zero Sketch

For the sketch of today the theme was draw a Mortal Kombat fighter. There was a draw between the two options so I drew them both. I love Kung Lao hat´s technique ^^

05-26-2021 Captain Future Sketch

For today, the theme was Spacial Adventures and Harlock won to Captain Future.

I love Leiji Matsumoto´s style! I learned many things about his art but i never learned to do characters as he does: very stylish and elegant. One signature on his design of characters that could be appreciated on the Interstella 5555 character designs for the Daft Punk movie.

I have to make a better fanart of this handsome captain! ♥

05-27-2021 Cheetara Sketch

The winner for the skecht today was Cheetara! I loved her design! He looked feminine and sexy and the same time strong and athletic without the need of an exaggerated body for give this sensation. I need to practice more female characters with these characteristics for keep the balance ^^

05-28-2021 Beetlejuice Sketch

Today the options were ghost (Beetlejuice) vs vampire (Count Dukula) The winner was the first one.

Although I was never dedicated to this simplified cartoon style, I quite liked the design. Despite how grotesque they wanted to portray the character, it was quite funny. I loved how flexible it was and how creative they were in turning any metaphor or simile into images. I also really liked his black sense of humor without resorting to vulgarity.

05-29-2021 Lady Oscar

Sketch of Lady Oscar done!

I thought i would not end it today since the headache didn´t let me stay focused on the drawing 😅 When i was working on her i realized her design is very similar to the characters of Saint Saiya. 

05-30-2021  Ninja Scroll

The character decided for this sketch was the Ninja Scroll. I´ve never watched the movie yet so it was a challenge try to draw him ^^

06-04-2021 L Sketch

The character selected in the last poll between Light and L was the last one.

I´ve not watched Death Note yet but I´ve seen a lot the characters. When i was searching the references i realized "oh my! this guy is pretty cute!" No doubt why people loves him so much! xD