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👋 I am an author and artist. You can find my writing on folklore at Folklore Thursday, my film reviews and critiques at Frame Rated, my thoughts on art in The Signifier and interviews with other writers in The Scrawl. You can check-out samples of my visual art here.

If you've enjoyed my work online and wish to show some support and appreciation, you could purchase one of my latest books, or perhaps... buy me a coffee?

My latest novel, This, is the first in an epic fairy-tale-fantasy series, This, That, and The Other, inspired by fairy tales and local folklore. It's my first book suitable for middle-grade readers, and older. I wrote it with Zel Cariad as my creative consultant and This (all four parts) is published by The Red Sparrow Press, available in good bookshops and via amazon.

I was born in Newport, Gwent, in South Wales, and now live with my wife, daughter and dog in Snowdonia, the 'land of legends', where I enjoy the simple pleasures like a 'good panad' (of coffee!) after long walks in the ancient woodlands.