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Mini Voxer Conscious Relationship Coaching


Welcome Badasses👋! I'm so glad to connect here. 

I'm a podcaster, preacher lady, and coach who creates equitable, transformational safe spaces intended to help you up your game and start living the most authentic version of your life possible.

Rooted in affirmative and mindful practices, I love to guide people into their next great possibilities. Knowing that greatness isn't all positive platitudes, my no-nonsense approach to intentional living will guide you through conscious changes that you can't seem to achieve or stick to in the long-term. 

Especially skilled at seeing past the bullshit and getting to the truth, I work with individuals to make powerful personal changes and groups to create spaces where everyone gets to be seen and valued for their unique ways of being.

Check out my podcast- PolyPriestess: Love & Relationship as Spiritual Practice on iTunes, Spotify & IHeartRadio.

You can find me on Instagram as PolyPriestess.

Let's connect on Clubhouse or DM me here if you would like to be added to my email list.

Stay tuned for upcoming lectures and workshop opportunities.