April was a horrible month for many coins, A lot of the bots have been struggling to avoid red bags, especially the cheaper or aggressive bots. Needing to cover the 60% or to really aggressively keep RC% low seems to be the way to go since November 2021 to April 2022.

ROI has been pretty horrible, there's been loads of additional backtests in the community since. AlexMuc#0495 from discord has posted a few backtests that are very interesting results for those that wanted to compare to see if any of the community settings performed well.
There are still coins worth running for bots, but coin selection really does make a different in the performance as not every coin is profitable to run DCA bots on.

I still haven't added any risks here, but if it was me and I had to bankroll, I would really be just tempted with a few coins and running very safe settings like set 9 or set 6 or even ta standard. Sadly these settings are expensive to run so its not sure how well the popular settings in the bullish market like Mars or Banshee will cope, even with the 9th safety order to cover the 57% deviation.

However everyone has their own strategy and reason for running a certain setting, but for smaller bankroll players, the cheaper bots just may not cover enough to protect you from quite a few red bags. I still think just running coins you are really comfortable holding or look great on chart makes sense until we see clear bullish momentum again.

Backtesting the "mini bull run" from 22.01 - 29.03 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HHek23CeMbkeC71BfxWNXOBUJVZpKJ4C6v6akcmx88E/edit?usp=sharing

Bloody Red April 01.04 - 30.04 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jvtJ33DDR8JK_Qbw5F4WTo9BDIkYS7Rg8yXP5yqNDIQ/edit?usp=sharing

Jan - April

Nov - April

Use these backtests to help you decide if you need to switch over any of your current settings. Remember there's loads of tabs below the spreadsheet which gives data for that individual setting. Please remember to thank AlexMuc#0495 if you found this helpful!

Also with permission from Heopas#8895 who has his own backtests he has done a great tests for variants of Set 9 for me You can find data here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11Qb936MnsAADIY68uotrq2o5k7STBuDi/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=102750071504415658988&rtpof=true&sd=true

Also there's a huge 20 meg one year backtest that was run by Heopas#8895 for us.

Yearly Backtests Heopas#8895 by from April 2021 to April 2022.

Please note that this covers a bullish and bearish and ranging market, as its been run for 365 days roughly. This may not be the best way to choose a setting.

TheAlpha paper tests was taken down as it was no longer active.

Thanks to @blarizonk for hosting a new set of paper tests under his paper trade account. This set was started on 1st May 2022. Covers Some settings that weren't included in previous tests.
Blarizonk Paper Tests

Update on Symrank

The beginning of April shows some pretty positive results, but like all coins even with the coin selection, the market crash across most markets has many safety orders filled and we have to see if the recovery bounce and volatility will help against the potential red bags.

Good luck with anyone botting in this market conditions!