Sorry for the late update, since that warning to de-risk, most of us have been having a very bad December. Lots of Red bags (negative deals -10%+) for those overextended, and not able to average down properly. Even those fully covered have had some red bags that were not closing due to the slow bleed. Market volatility and volume has dropped like crazy. Loads of Alts have been slow bleeding and just no recover bounce, so even some of the very safe settings are not able to close deals.

I'm pretty much stuck like most as I did de risk, but not aggressively, and tried letting bots close by themselves when they closed in profit.

Currently all my bots are still paused and waiting to close 1-2 more deals before I'm fully covered (at 110% risk). But I'm fully prepared to wait it out, or try add funds to clear some of the other deals once I have more available funds.

Its been the first time this year where many of us experienced a $0 profit day, and been like this for a few days. Those fully covered, if you can, consider saving some funds for potential limit dip buys for better value, and consider running safer settings or if you are still running Mars, at least have funds to cover the 9th safety order. Mars settings are designed to be aggressive or a low bankroll type setting. This month they will not be the best setting to run.

We are also approaching maybe the worst months profit wise for this year, for those running bots long enough. I'm not looking at running short bots myself, I'd be just looking at reducing my risks and trying to preserve my profits and have some spare funds myself, until the market picks its direction (hopefully uptrend).

For those new to bots and want to get in, either wait it out until volatility is back, or a safer setting and sacrifice some ROI, and be fully covered whilst you learn how DCA works. This month is a tough month, and you really need to be selecting only a few coins that are consistently doing well only this month. Many strong coins with strong projects have not done well since September, and could catch you out with these slow bleed price action.

Good luck all, hopefully we recover this month, but there's still chance of a few weeks/months wait worst case for red bags to recover. And always a possibility of more downside.