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Most of you will probably know me from my open source Freqtrade framework/strategy called MoniGoMani. But let me introduce myself a bit more.

I'm a Full stack developer, doing everything from back-end logic to front-end design, I'm also pretty confident in Photoshop and am not scared to pickup a soldering iron or to work with hardware! Already made my own hardware software development kits for example!

I mostly program:
- C# + XAML (.NET Framework/Core, WPF, ASP.NET, WCF, Xamarin and WinForms)
- PHP + HTML + CSS + JS (Laravel, CodeIgniter)
- Java & Android (But I don't do these so often)
- Python (But before MoniGoMani it has been years! )

I like to keep the mentality, if you can program one language well, then you can program in any language!
Further I'm passionate about Free Open Source Software, Data Privacy, Music and Device Hacking.

Thank you for considering buying me a Coffee!