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My name is Rikki. and I do study with me streams streams. In Korean - where the idea comes from - it is 공부방송 = Gongbu Bangsong. They are the equivalent to mukbang but instead of an eating it is a studying broadcast, also known as real time study with me or Benkyou Douga.

The beautiful Burmese cat´s name is Dante. He is a very sweet study partner.

I love learning new stuff, love football (some call it soccer) and some other stuff.
I love playing games but I hate losing which is a bad combo because I lose most of the time

I don´t adapt very well to new situations, more like a slow thinker with a tendency to procrastinate when overwhelmed than a fast adapter.
My impulse control is disastrous. I buy a pack of cookies, I eat the pack of cookies. In under 10 minutes.

I am not really adventurous, not yet anyway. Maybe I will hit that phase at some point. But for the moment I enjoy studying in my own cosy room, cycling to the football pitch from time to time to play a bit or going to the store and buy groceries.

My new years resolution is to not cut my hair for the whole of 2020.

What else? I´m a German from Berlin if that is interesting. 180 centimetres high, 71 kilogram heavy…

Stephanie Watzka
Stephanie Watzka bought a coffee.

I am so grateful for your study session, I feel so much more motivated to study with the study tribe. I love seeing Dante, especially his beautiful bright eyes. You motivated me to buy a cat and I could not be more grateful. Thank you, Rikki. Danke :)

Daria Loziienko
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🐈🤴a cup of coffee for the best chief and his totem pet

Daria Loziienko
Daria Loziienko bought a coffee.

keep up your good business! your study community is the best ^.^

francia bought a coffee.
Daria Loziienko
Daria Loziienko bought a coffee.

a cupacoffee to refresh the mind!