I have made experiments over the course of months with different substrates. Here and in Patreon only, i will name and write my topics involving the experiments as :

Substrate 1

Substrate 2

Substrate 3

Substrate 4

Substrate 5

Substrate 6

Texts with helping photos will be included.

Some have advantages over others and will spare your seedlings, leaf cuttings or stalk cuttings of the algae/moss problem. You will also read about plantlets developing from roots.

One substrate doesen't work at all and this topic will not be blocked. The other ones will be blocked.

Another one has so much lower germination rate and you can skip it.

But all will help you if you are a regular c.p. grower or someone more advanced and maybe wants to make a living out of it.

As always, texts and photos are under copyright.