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My name is Rolain Peterson

I am a writer/author, YouTuber and Podcaster. 

Last year I started a YouTube channel with the goal to encourage people using God’s Word and I have had lots of positive feedback from that. 

People have told me how encouraged they have been and how the word spoke to them after watching one of my videos and reading one of my blog posts. 

I have also started a podcast which focuses on helping people who desire to be authors. I give them advice, tips and encouragement on their writing journey. 

Being a writer and author, this year I am working on a children’s book titled, Tim’s Big Fear. The mission of the book is to help kids overcome fear in their lives. 

I am sharing all this with you because I want to do it bigger and better and reach a wider audience as I trust God to use me to continue to encourage and impact lives with my work.

I have 4 tiers of support for your consideration and you have the freedom and liberty to join whichever one you so choose and your support will help me to continue to do this work and reach out to many. 

You have the freedom to cancel your membership whenever you want. 

I hope you do consider partnering with me on this journey and there is no better way than becoming a member today. 

Thank you in advance!