Buy Roman a coffee


my name: Roman Khimeichuk 
specialization: I work with the anti-tank missile system. 
I’m from special purpose regiment - SAFARI. Our regiment is working towards Zaporizhia and Sumy! 

Unit work specification: 
 -destruction of subversive groups 
 -cleaning after heavy artillery 
-night work in small groups behind enemy lines 
 -recognition and reporting of coordinates for heavy artillery. 

we collect  for „toy For big boys” on the basis of AR-15: 
 -Adams Arms P2 
 -POF-USA P-415 Edge Gen 4 
 + silencer and basic set. 

 +/- 20,000 pln (=4500€) . for the set! 
We need at least one !!! (2 pcs would be perfect!).

This "toy" is needed to be able to accurately operate over long distances. because we still have Soviet weapons in our arsenal. which aptly doesn't work! Everything will be Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

We carry out our mission all the time. If you have any questions, you can contact the fundraiser on our behalf - Joanna Wylegała - [email protected] or with me. We will provide any answers and we will develop doubts! We have all the licenses to legally purchase these items!