I took a 2 week hiatus for health reasons and my dad being in town (he got the vaccine!) to rest my body as I had reached ultimate burn out from several other projects as well as my art show that I have going on. Coming at this again with a new attitude and condensed energy with each piece. Thanks for donating, everyone. Ya’ll the realest.

I decided to open the realm of social media again to post on Facebook about this and while I had support in how “pretty” I am, not one person out of 145 likes donated. This further supports why I continue to stray way from the facade of “support” on social media.

There’s a conflicting message here as I am a firm believer that people would rather see beauty than pain. My people are still dying because of how we look. Racism isn’t new to me.

continuing to fight the power as a brown, poor, young, and hungry dragon while I wait for unemployment to come through.

Ya’ll my true homies. 💕