Mar 14, 2022


is now officially closed. I did all of it on my own (aside from my volunteers) and I did it at my best.  I spent 2020-2022 developing this program based on my own experiences.I wanted to change this unjust system with the cards we are dealt with. I did as much as I could on 11 weeks of unemployment. I will cherish those weeks as they were my only vacation from Capitalism.“Don’t let the Bastards keep you... more

Feb 20, 2022

Art2Space is on hiatus.

Thank you ALL for supporting me and art2space this past year. With the unforeseen circumstances that occurred with another artist involved in the exhibition, “Moving Sale”… Our funding has been critically hit. I have been emotionally hit and don’t have much in me to continue with creating another fundraiser. From now until May (fingers crossed) I am stepping away from my dream. In May, we should be able to receive an IDA grant and further funding opportunities from... more

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Nov 30, 2021

Exploiting my pain to pay my rent

Jul 10, 2021

Donations and July update!

Hi everyone!I am a busy little bee. I wanted to give a huge shout out to people that have been donating actual art supplies! I saw a listing on Nextdoor for free art supplies from this wonderful and kind person, Melody, and wanted to give her a shout out! She donated tons of oil pastels, water colors, paper decor, glue, and a whole conglomerate of things. Very happy that I have received direct art supply donations while my professional life consumes me. I miss the ability I had earlier this... more

Jun 26, 2021

Fundraiser Update!

As my fundraiser comes to a close at 98%,I have decided to take a pause fundraising for a little while. For the free art supply library, Heather at I’ve Been Framed brought it upon me that with the weather rising… it would be hard to keep certain supplies stored in. The free art supply library will be with me throughout the summer at pop up events I will be vending at! Locations will obviously be announced prior to each event. In terms of the future, I plan to have hubs around the... more


Jun 22, 2021

Show is up, Instagram is out!
Close up image of where your donations go to! ART SUPPLIES!
Back to it!
my favorite street art in Portland: