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The beauty of technology these days is I can share videos regularly and help more people more often. 

I post free Lunchtime Movement Sessions every Wednesday at 1pm over on my Facebook page Labyrinth of Nurture - they are all pelvic floor safe - my main focus is helping women restore strength to their pelvic floor and helping pregnant women ease pelvic and back pain. 

I also have some free resources over on my website. 

I do offer more comprehensive paid programmes but I love to be able to provide these free offerings.

If you love what I do please feel free to buy me a coffee (or tea).

Thank you so much, it's appreciated!
Janet West
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Enjoyed the floor sitting - missed 1pm - so watched on replay. Intended to make notes and try later but found myself grabbing a mat, half dome and joining in. Hoping to catch up on the sessions I've missed too. Txs Rosie

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it xx

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In appreciation of your knowledge, skills and passion x

Thank you so much xx

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Thank you for today - was really helpful

You're very welcome. Thank you xx