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here is an excerpt from the first chapter,

Xavier hadn’t expected Chester to arrive at his apartment, even if he had drunkenly muttered his password a few months ago.

Months ago?

It had been three months since he last saw Chester. The thought of the distance between their time together escalated his breathing while his heart ripped into pieces.

Doesn’t he deserve that much attention? He realized their first encounter was a one-night stand. It meant nothing to the figure who stood now, staring directly into his eyes. The teal of his irises punctured holes in his face. He felt the unfamiliar warmth creep into his body every time Chester was next to him.

Betrayed by his own body, he clenched his hands in his fists. Chester took quick steps towards him and wrapped him in his warm embrace. Xavier predicted he would place his chin on the crown of his head.

He did exactly that.

The thoughts that swarmed his anxiety and depression burst into thin air like bits of paper. Xavier reciprocated the hug almost instantly. He knew he’ll deal the backlash once it arrived as Chester disappears into the night like he did before, but right now he sought to cherish the comfort engulfing him like a butterfly in its cocoon.

“I missed you.” He said, the light rumble in Chester’s chest reverberating through Xavier’s whole being.

He hummed in response, digging his nose further into Chester’s body.

“Shall we go inside? Do you not mind the neighbors enjoying our drama, Xav?” he asked as a light but the most beautiful sound called a chuckle left his lips.

“Let’s go in.” but he made no move himself.

“Xav, you sure you want to go in or…” Chester couldn’t complete his sentence when Xavier pushed him inside into his living room with a grumble as he slammed his door shut with his foot.

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