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Hi 👋 I’m Roxy, I run the YouTube channel Roxy’s Ride and Inspire and the Instagram Channel roxybike_mallorca - because I love to inspire & help others improve their skills! 

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I LOVE coffee ☕️ 💗 
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Kirill Kutalov
Kirill Kutalov bought 3 coffees.

Your "inspire" part in "Ride and inspire" is really nice and unique, and this is besides the really great explanation of technical side of riding. Thank you for that! 😄 

Thank you so much, Kirill! Truly appreciate your words and the coffee 😍

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For support your non commercial channel und the amazing videos 

Danke soooooo seeehr, Tom 🥰

Jason Bone
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Was just enjoying a cup of coffee as I watched your newest video. Have a cup with me Roxy!

Thank you so much!! 

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Thank you so much ☺️