Buy Robert Rees (@Rreesrugby) a coffee


I'm a freelance sports journalist who delivers exclusives, live content, interviews and retro articles to online and print media outlets and want to deliver more to the public.

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

Due to Covid-19 suspending all rugby activities in the areas I work my workload has been drastically cut. Therefore, in order to keep producing the social media output, articles and live content when possible over the coming weeks and possibly months I ask that you buy me a coffee to keep the content rolling.

Lining up interviews takes travelling, which this can help pay for. It helps more social media work and articles be delivered, with meaningful storylines for the public to read. 

Any contributions are greatly received with thanks and appreciation from me at this tough time. Suggestions for work items also welcome!

Thank you and keep safe!

Kind regards, Rob.