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A friendly species of internet gecko, focused on seeking and parting knowledge and finding novel ways to look at things and do them differently(mainly in a geeky way)

Hey !👋

I mainly write about programming projects ( with my own twists and turns on them ), but also ways of using languages and their functionalities or different software to create something unique or interesting ( like forms of digital art - the wallpaper I use was created using the Wolfram Language really easily and it means that what powers code making is the caffeine >v< ). 

Shortly put, I try to find a playful and clever way of doing things.

Below is also my Tumblr blog , where I try to regularly put the results of my playing around in order to create various things , like digital art.

Here also is my Quora profile, where I write about similar stuff:

Also, that little globe will redirect you to my blog :)