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Welcome to the Picker Wheel contribution page. 

Picker Wheel aims to help people in making a decision. Sometimes we just don’t know how to make a decision or we just want to make a fair decision, this is where Picker Wheel can come into the place to help.

We just need to fill in our inputs, spin the wheel and get the result. 

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vachris bought 4 coffees.

The Wheel Picker makes it easier to randomly give gifts to employees without any conscious or subconscious biases.  Thank you!

Yes, it is indeed a fair tool that can make a random decision. Thank you so much for your coffees!😄 

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Hey guys, we use the picker wheel to choose every single one of our films during film nights. It has never let us down and always worked as expected, thank you for this wonderful tool!

Thank you for sharing your use case and supporting us with coffees! We are very glad to hear that Picker Wheel helps.😄
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Leena Rinne
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Thank you so much, Leena!😄 

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Thank you!😄