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I write fantasy and science fiction mixed with a dash of adventure, action, and dark mystery, as well as a bit of humor and a good dose of romance. I’m a southern girl who loves crisp autumn mornings, snow days, black and white movies, and a sucker for a love story whether happy or sad.

Life with seven kids, my darling hubs, and a small zoo never allows for a dull moment and is always full of inspiration. I divide my time between my five girls still at home, a never ending TBR pile, and creating magical worlds full of strong heroines, quirky side-kicks, and handsome leading men. I believe in happy endings, fairy tales, and the power of love to conquer all, and have been known to fan-girl with the best of them over a hunky book boyfriend or two.

I began writing years ago while in high school, continued off and on through my twenties and thirties where I wrote stories just for my girls. In 2012, I began posting serialized first drafts of my works and realized this was something I wanted to do full-time. My first novel, Remembrance, was released through Darkstroke Books in July 2021.