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I'm a freelance Beauty Writer and now dabbing into influencer marketing after launching "The Beauties In Color..." on Instagram and YouTube. I love to be creative so I'm always cooking and sharing my recipes on my website as well as diving into DIY home decor. It's truly an artist type of life! 

Thank you so much for checking in again. I can't wait to share more with you:-) 

Elizabeth Suesskind bought 3 makeups.

So lovely meeting you today at Ulta! Thanks for letting me annoy you. Instead of buying the CG foundation online I’ll buy you a & friend a cup of Collectivo coffee (or wherever you fancy). Enjoy & Happy Holidays! -Elizabeth 

Thank you so much for the coffee and I'm always available to help. Happy Holidays and let me know if you need any more recommendations:-) SL Thomas

Someone bought a makeup.