Last two days have been complicated with important family matters to attend to so I have been away from the studio but I’m back today.

I’ll be pouring up the rest of the parts for a rocket order today and getting ready to ship the mask orders out and the rocket on Monday.

I’m also getting my 93 inch wingspan Super Sinbad ready to fly on electric power this Sunday. Although it’s been flown as a pure glider on the slope I now have a field I fly at. The Camarillo Flying Circus I’ve talked about in previous posts. Adding an electric motor and prop will allow me to fly the plane much more. The conversion was fun although I plan to replace this quickie cowl for it as time permits.

Here you see the balsa wood block I shaped to the cowl and spinner and then once sanded smooth I used it to vacuum form from PETG the cowl. The plane was first conceived in 1943 as a free flight model airplane.

I brought it home to work on in the evenings. This is the plane with the rough cowl which will owrk well for test flying.